Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Review

Guinea Pig Cage Considerations


A guinea pig habitat (or cage) is vital for any guinea pig so here’s one that I suggest! The cage I will be talking about today is the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat. It’s 8 square feet (which if you read the 101 guide on guinea pigs you would know thats .5 square feet bigger than the requirement).

It incluids a fully removable wire mesh top. Which is great for easy access while at the same time keeping un wanted pets or animals out. Along with the wire mesh roof, it also has a leak proof canvas bottom. But even though the bottom is leak proof you would still need bedding n the cage.

I would suggest flease for this cage because it would be hard to get enough paper bedding to cover the entire bottom of the cage.

This cage also has 14″ sides all along the side and can be put up in minites which is helpful because if you had bought a your cage at the same time as your piggie then you are gunna wanna put it in it’s cage as soon as posible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this cage big enough for 2 adult piggies? Yes it is plenty big.

2. Can you buy a replacement bottom? Yes,  if you go to the Amazon page then you can see under the style pannel all the parts used such as the canvas bottom.

3. How do you change the bedding? Since the cage is divided in to two sections. A bigger one side and a littler one. I would suggest cleaning the littler one first while the piggies are in the bigger half. After finishing that half scoot them into the littler side while cleaning the bigger half.

The Midwest Guinea Pig Cage

This fully adaptable wire guinea pig cage is a best seller on Amazon. Whether you have one guinea pig or a whole herd (do they call them herds?) because these cages can connect and stack you have lots of configuration and space options.

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