Guinea Pig Harness

Guinea Pig Harness – Do They Work?

First things first, these harnesses come in varing sizes so they don’t have to be just for piggies. If you have a baby piggie you wanna get it used to the harness early on.The only negative thing about this product would be that at first they are a bit hard to get on your guinea pig. But as they get more aquanted with it it’s alot easier to put on.

They do work well though because guinea pigs have little tiny hands and arms, it is possible for them to draw their hands back into the guinea pig harness. Once they do that then they work the harness down their body like they are squeezing through a tube.¬† The bottom line is that you wouldn’t want to use a harness to secure¬† your piggie for any length of time or without supervision.

Why Use A Guinea Pig Harness?

A harness can be a great way to

be able to take your guinea pig outside with out

being scared that they will slip out of your sight.

So today we will be talking about a guinea pig

harness and why there a great idea.

Guinea Pig on a Lease


This is a cute video of a guinea pig harness on the guinea pig while it is roaming around in the grass. Little piggies love to eat grass and dandilion greens. You do need to make sure that there isn’t any weed killer on your grass before letting them roam around however.

Guinea Pig Harness

This Sporty Jogging Vest small pet harness and leash is the one that me and my friends use when walking or exercising our guinea pigs. It is relatively easy to get on your guinea pig once they are aclimated to wearing a harness. The harness also comes with a leash.
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